Post-Construction Cleaning

After completing your construction project, you will need post construction cleaning to remove away saw dust, dirt and debris.

Unlike everyday cleaning, it requires a lot of work to remove post-construction mess. Gathering all the necessary tools and materials is both time consuming and costly. There are floors, walls and ceilings to clean. Window sills, corners, cabinets, windows, etc., require great attention to detail. There’s paint and glue residue, dust, spider webs, dirty floors and carpets, bathroom fixtures, etc., all requiring specific cleaning agents and processes. Make the wise choice… call Monica's Cleaning Services Inc!

We clean the ceiling first, then the walls and lastly the floor. First we remove hidden construction dust. Remove spider webs if there is any. Vacuum every inside the corners of the built-in cabinets, window sills, door frames and every hidden corner in the construction place. Wipe clean every window labels using alcohol and cloth. Chisel every unwanted glue leftovers. Scrub with water and cleaning solution every dry paint droplets in walls and ceilings. Wipe clean every bathroom and kitchen sinks. Use heavy duty carpet cleaning machines in carpeted rooms. Put all mess inside the trash containers. Mop the flooring afterwards. Work from one room to the next.

After we finished cleaning, inspect the rooms. Check every corner of the room. Remember, nothing pays more than by moving into a new and clean place.

A good post construction cleaning reflects a newly-built and clean building. Think about the benefits of a clean place in the first weeks of staying there.